Bermuda Community Centre, Nuneaton

These new social and recreational facilities conclude a major development for Deeley in Nuneaton and give back to the community in which we have worked.

The Bermuda Park development area has seen the creation of 1,000 homes and 2,000 jobs. The site was purchased by Deeley more than 30 years ago and this community centre is another positive for the community.

This phase has involved the construction of the Bermuda Phoenix Centre which, as agreed with the local community, comes complete with a football pitch, two bowling greens and a multi-use games area. The project has provided public open space and has also been fully landscaped.

Part of the project involved the creation of an attenuation swale to ensure drainage away from the pitch which concludes in a mini-ecosystem for local wildlife.

The project has been driven by Peter Deeley’s passion for the local community of Bermuda. He is on the board for the community centre and was on hand to assist in matters of the project.

“The transformation over the long and short term of this area is quite remarkable. It really is an example of what can be done given time and a great deal of vision and dedication from all parties involved. “It is clear that having a single developer involved throughout the life of a long-term project makes a considerable difference because there has clearly been an investment of more than simply funding to make this work.”

Marcus Jones, Nuneaton MP

£1.5 million
Contract Value

12 acres
Scale & Scope

14 month