A Deeley home is created using high-quality materials and skill, supported by a team that cares for each and every client, giving you not just the home you want but also long-lasting value. As with the other businesses within the Deeley Group, it is the quality of our relationships that defines our success.

“We weren’t sure what to expect going out of our comfort zone and buying a home in a country on the other side of the Atlantic, but Deeley Homes have made the process convenient for us and each stage of the process has been undertaken with minimal difficulty, which we’ve appreciated.

One thing that’s stood out for us is the professionalism of the business, right through from receiving the brochure to arriving at Moreton Edge and seeing our home for the first time.

We put our faith in them to turn our vision into reality, as being based in the US has meant we’ve been unable to play a hands-on role. We’re very happy with the job they’ve done for us.”

Eric and Mercedes, Moreton Edge

“Moving in when we did, Deeley Homes tried to get the house ready for us as soon as they could. We had been living in an Air BnB for two months, after selling our existing house.

With Deeley Homes being a smaller developer that has made a big difference. Before we moved in, we had correspondence with both Eleanor Deeley and Dean Weldon and found them both fine to work with.

It was even down to the little things like having the heating on when we moved in, little touches that make a big difference.”

Mike and Vicki, Moreton Edge

“We came across the development online, came and looked, peeked through the gate and said we wanted to see it as soon as possible. I’m really pleased with our home.”

Chris McKinty, Moreton Edge

“We have moved into the new property and are settling down. Me and my family would like to thank you all for the great support from the start until the end of the process.”

Manju Channappagoudar, Kingsbury Close