Alcester Road, Wootton Wawen

Deeley Homes are proud to present our plans for 29 new homes in the heart of the village of Wootton Wawen.

The homes, which will be sustainable and built to Future Homes Standards, will be specifically restricted for a mix of local people and young families making them more affordable for people with a connection to the village.

Alongside the new homes, we are providing a new, fully equipped play area for the village, with a pedestrianised link to a new entrance to the primary school.  This new route will provide a much greener and safer walking path into the school for children, whether they live on the new development or not.  We have also provided a new over-flow car park for the school which can also be used as a drop off area for parents coming into the village from the Alcester Road.

All of these new village facilities will be located in close proximity to the existing facilities, providing an integrated, safe and sustainable extension to the village core of the Primary School, Train Station, Village Hall and Club, Local Shop and Pub.

What happened to the Car Park for the Train Station?

Feedback from the previous layout which we presented, was that the proposed car park near to our site entrance would be too far from the station and that people would still be more likely to park on Wootton Rise. We therefore moved this into site to improve the area for the school rather than removing altogether.

The area near to the river is known to flood, will this make it worse?

We can confirm that the entire site boundary is outside of the Flood Zone and is not on land susceptible to flooding. Our drainage ponds are designed to be dry in normal weather conditions, restricting run-off downstream to the same rate it does now.  The ponds have been designed to withstand a 1 in 100-year flood event, with 30% extra to account for climate change.  This will then slowly run off to the south before joining a watercourse 200 meters downstream from the village.  Even in the unlikely event of the ponds overflowing, all of the water would run south-east, away from the properties in the village. This will all be subject to technical approval from Warwickshire County Council.

Is the access safe that close to bridge?

The approach to the village over the railway bridge is already too fast.  We are proposing to enhance the gateway feature into the village, emphasising the change in speed limit before the bend.  We will then introduce a Vehicle Activated Sign around the bend, reminding drivers of the 30mph along with a warning about the bridge.  We have lifted our new access road slightly so drivers will be able to see over the crest of the bridge when turning out of site.  The combination of these measures will ensure that traffic speeds are reduced on the approach to the village. All of these measures will be subject to technical approval from Warwickshire County Council and we intend to deliver them before any home on site is occupied. 

What are the Occupation Restrictions and how are these secured?

15 of the new homes will only be able to be purchased by people with a ‘Local Connection’ to the Parish of Wootton Wawen.

14 of the new homes will only be able to be purchased by families with at least one child of primary school age or younger.

On the first and each subsequent sale of each home, a certificate will need to be issued by Stratford District Council confirming that the restriction has been applied before any transfer of property can legally take place.

Will the properties be genuinely affordable?

11 of the homes will be for social rent and intermediate housing for local people, which are the traditional forms of Affordable Housing.  The idea of restricting the occupiers of the owner-occupier properties naturally reduces their market value. As there is a reduced pool of potential purchasers who are legally able to purchase the homes, there is a reduced demand for the properties, which in turn reduces their value. As the restriction continues each time the property is sold, this reduced value should apply when both buying and selling the homes as it is likely to take longer than an unrestricted property. This increased difficulty in selling the homes can cause issues with securing a traditional mortgage, something which has been experienced on other developments with local connection or key worker restrictions.  Bespoke mortgage products do emerge if a social value can be demonstrated, which we believe it can here, and we are currently talking to lenders about this. 

What is a ‘Local Connection’ to Wootton Wawen?

-Born in the village, or parents lived there at time of birth

-Currently lives in the village and has done so for 12 months minimum

-Used to live in the village within the last 3 years

-Works in the village and has done so for the last 12 months

-Has a close family member (parent, child, sibling) currently living in the village

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