School pupils visit Stirchley development

Primary school pupils from Stirchley visited a development next to their school and gained an insight into careers and safe practice in the construction industry.

Reception pupils at Grange Park Primary School were invited to visit the site of a new supported living scheme which is being constructed by Midlands-based Deeley Construction.

Work started six months ago on the new 72-bed extra care facility and the children were given a chance to see the progress up close.

Grange Park Primary School is a two-minute walk from the new supported living scheme, which is being developed in partnership with Preferred Homes.

Deeley Construction welcomed 60 children from the school onto the site over the course of the morning.

The site team spoke to the children about the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) and how to stay safe in and around a construction site.

The visitors also learned about equipment and machinery, including the large vehicles which operate on a construction site.

After the visit, the children went back to the classroom and recapped what they need to do to stay safe.

Alice Cartmail, reception teacher at Grange Park Primary School, said: “The children absolutely loved the experience and were mesmerised by the hustle and bustle of the site.

“At the school we have a big drive on highlighting the range of jobs out there for their future.

“We are also committed to showing the children that life doesn’t end at the playground and trips like this are really important.

“I’ve never known children to be so quiet! They were really interested in the site and finding out all about what was going on.

“We would like to make a special note of Denton who was amazing with the children and stopped to talk to each group with so much enthusiasm.”

Dave Brennan, Project Manager for Deeley Construction, said: “We seek to leave a strong, positive impact on all of the communities which we work in, and that’s why we were pleased to be able to welcome Grange Park Primary School to the site.

“It’s important that the children are aware of the dangers of a construction site, but also highlight the future jobs they could have in the industry.”