• From Orlando to the Cotswolds – Eric and Mercedes at Moreton Edge

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  • Materials donated to Tewkesbury school

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  • BLOG: What are the new building regulations and what impact will this have on homebuilding?

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  • From Orlando to the Cotswolds – Eric and Mercedes at Moreton Edge

    Mercedes and Eric have broadened their horizons – bringing some Cotswolds beauty to their fast-paced Florida lifestyle!

    They’ve bought a home at our Moreton Edge development in Moreton-in-Marsh, and we’ve grabbed a few minutes with them to discuss the reasons behind the purchase of a second home, their thoughts on the area and their overall house buying experience so far.

    What attracted you to the home and to Moreton Edge specifically?

    We both have the opportunity to work flexibly, which allows us to fulfill our joint desire to travel.

    The Cotswolds is one of our favourite places to visit, and we’ve made the decision that we want to cement this by laying down roots in the UK – one of our favourite travel destinations!

    The fast-paced lifestyle that we have day-to-day brings its challenges, and we were on the lookout for our own little retreat in a country we love that allows us to relax, experience a different climate more regularly and live in the Cotswolds, an area of real beauty. We even like the idea of cooler temperatures!

    We plan to visit Moreton Edge a few times a year and provide our families with the chance to stay with us and form their own attachment with one of England’s most picturesque spots.

    Why Moreton-in-Marsh?

    We visited the area last autumn and were blown away by the natural beauty and authenticity of the historic towns, public footpaths and farms – and matching that with our interest in furthering ourselves as people and acquiring our dream home abroad that met all of our criteria led us to Moreton-in-Marsh.

    It’s also handy that it is super easy to get to by rail from Gatwick and London Heathrow airports, which is where we fly into on arrival in the country. Naturally, as soon as we land, we would like to be at our home as soon as possible – and we can be opening our front door a little after two hours after we arrive on British soil, which is great! Our train from Paddington Station arrives into Moreton-in-Marsh and we are at Moreton Edge just minutes after.

    Quality of the build?

    We made our first visit to Moreton Edge in May and were really impressed by the setup of our home, as well as the quality of delivery. Everything was as we hoped and we instantly felt comfortable.

    The house has been set up for needs, and the efficiency of the house is also a great bonus.

    Experience with Deeley Homes so far?

    We weren’t sure what to expect going out of our comfort zone and buying a home in a country on the other side of the Atlantic, but Deeley Homes have made the process convenient for us and each stage of the process has been undertaken with minimal difficulty, which we’ve appreciated.

    One thing that’s stood out for us is the professionalism of the business, right through from receiving the brochure to arriving at Moreton Edge to seeing our home for the first time.

    We’d researched both Deeley Homes and Oliver Knight Homes before embarking on the house buying journey again, and were reassured by feedback we saw, both through photos and feedback from others who’ve bought homes.

    We put our faith in them to turn our vision into reality, as being based in the US has meant we’ve been unable to play a hands-on role. We’re very happy with the job they’ve done for us.

    We’re already looking forward to our next trip in September, where we will be spending an extended period of time in our treasured home. We’ll then be returning in mid-November. This is the next step for us, and we’re excited to make some new memories!

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  • Materials donated to Tewkesbury school

    A new mud kitchen and reading den have been created at a playgroup and preschool in Tewkesbury thanks to support from two businesses.

    Children at the Little Foxes Playgroup, which is associated to The John Moore Primary School, have been enjoying learning in a new outdoor kitchen.

    The kitchen gives the children a chance to develop life skills and encourages using the environment to cook up culinary delights like lavender soup and mud cupcakes.

    It was constructed by Daniel Webb, Chair of Governors at The John Moore Primary School, after timber and materials were donated by house-builder Bloor Homes and Midlands-based developer Deeley Construction.

    The materials donated were also used to create a reading den, which will be used by children aged three to four in the pre-school.

    Daniel Webb built both structures off-site and then they were transported free-of-charge to Little Foxes Playgroup by Tewkesbury-based Robert Express Delivery (RED).

    He made a further mud kitchen for the Rising 3s room pre-school room.

    Little Foxes Playgroup is a registered charity and will become part of The John Moore Primary School in September 2022.

    Bronwen Williams, Early Years manager at Little Foxes Playgroup, said: “We’re overwhelmed by the generosity of Daniel, Bloor Homes, Deeley Construction and RED to help us create this new space at Little Foxes.

    “It will be a great resource to support our children and the children have made a card to say thank you as well. They are absolutely loving using it and are in it every day, with the reading den proving hugely popular with pre-schoolers too.

    “We’re a registered charity and to fund a project like this would have taken a large chunk of our community funds.

    “The mud kitchen gives children a chance to take learning outside and in a natural environment – and learn skills like mixing, and provide further learning opportunities for maths, literacy and all areas of the Early Years curriculum.

    “Coupled with the reading den, they both enhance our education delivery in a fun way and we really appreciate everyone that has supported us.”

    Deeley Construction, which is headquartered in Coventry, is currently building a new 18,000 sq ft regional office for Bloor Homes in Tewkesbury.

    Martin Gallagher, managing director at Deeley Construction, said: “This is the first time we have worked in Tewkesbury and we always look to make a positive impact in the communities we work in.

    “We heard that Little Foxes Playgroup needed some support with material and were delighted to help with a donation of timber. We hope the children enjoy using this great new facility.”

    It is the second time that Bloor Homes has supported The John Moore Primary School, having donated materials to create a similar mud kitchen and forest school at the school site in 2020.

    Steve Roberts, Managing Director at Bloor Homes’ Western region said: “We’re always pleased to support local schools and playgroups in the areas we work and build in – thank you to Deeley for partnering with us here in Tewkesbury.  We are really pleased the children are enjoying their new kitchen and reading den.”

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  • BLOG: What are the new building regulations and what impact will this have on homebuilding?

    On June 15 2022, the new Building Regulations and updates became law, with the revisions for Part F and Part L applying to all new and existing dwellings.

    The law change has brought about changes to Part F (Ventilation) and Part L (Conservation of fuel and power), as well as the introduction of Part O (Overheating) and Part S (Infrastructure for the charging of electric vehicles).

    It’s important to reiterate that as an industry leader, we’ve been aware of likely changes and have been continually seeking advice from energy and sustainability assessors, and monitoring the government’s movements in anticipation of these amendments to ensure we’re as prepared as we can be.

    We have developed an in-depth understanding of what the new Part L regulations mean for our future homes

    How will each new element of the new regulations enhance the service being delivered for each of our partners and, resultantly, the homebuyers that get their dream home through our services?

    We’re going to strip it down piece by piece!

    Part O relates to overheating, which is something we have considered on projects already, especially where there are restrictions on opening windows and doors due to noise levels imposed by unique circumstances such as adjacent roads and railways.

    Compliance with this will therefore be reviewed at the same time as the thermal analysis is undertaken for each build, complying with Part L to ensure we are creating comfortable environments that can be managed effectively by our clients once our work is done. With this in mind, Part O will also require us to look at the number of glazed areas in comparison to the room sizes as well as the orientation and shading of the building elevations.

    Part F relates to ventilation of the properties, and bearing in mind the air tightness that we are achieving to comply with Part L, this ensures that each new home we create is well ventilated through innovative mechanical technology.

    Part S now calls for us to implement suitable infrastructure to accommodate electric vehicle car charging for all of the dwellings. We’re ahead of the curve here already, as this is something that we were providing under the previous Low Emission Strategies, a requirement within various local authority planning policies.

    We have assisted clients such as Housing 21 making their new homes ‘fossil fuel free’ and will continue to develop the design of future facilities

    Why are the Part L regulations of particular importance to Deeley Homes?

    Focusing on the here and now, the new Part L regulation places an emphasis on the fabric of the buildings and air tightness solutions, which creates a completely sustainable and healthy environment that’s easily controlled.

    From a Deeley Homes perspective, this will fully support the house associations, purchasers and tenants that we work with as partners, providing them with better control of their dwellings, allowing them to be more energy efficient and therefore more cost effective, which, especially noting the current climate, is incredibly useful.

    In anticipation of an altered on-site homebuilding process, Deeley Homes has instigated numerous workshops and information events to ensure employees across the business are aware of these changes, as well as spending time and money on having ‘out of the box’ strategies in place for achieving compliance with the main Part L for both affordable and market sales houses.

    We recognise that the homes we build will be guided by the new regulations, and this places a requirement on ourselves to control the quality of the building activities on site, with increased energy efficiency at the forefront of our work.

    Deeley Homes will help manage this by implementing software to assist managers in the checking and signing off process and making sure any remedial and rectification works are undertaken before works progress onto the next stage of the build.

    Looking ahead to Part L and the future of Deeley Homes

    As part of the review into compliance to the new Part L, undertaken by Deeley Homes, we’re continually considering our work from a practical and cost basis for our clients.

    Our focus is on making sure we provide homes that comply with the new Future Homes Standard, thus ensuring we are prepared for the next stage – which is houses becoming more energy efficient and reducing demand for natural resources.

    For us, our job is to use our expertise to create homes that are accessible to every prospective homeowner. That, after 85 years of home creation, is the modern Deeley way.


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  • Charity sportive organisers urge residents to save money by turning to bikes

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  • Deeley Homes given the green light for fifteen new brownfield homes in Leamington

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  • Deeley Construction wins BSG Health & Safety Award 2022

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  • Charity sportive organisers urge residents to save money by turning to bikes

    Residents across the region are being encouraged to reject increasing costs at the petrol pump in favour of their bikes in preparation for the return of an annual charity cycle sportive in Coventry and Warwickshire.

    As inflation continues to bite, organisers of the Starley Sportive want people living or working in the city and its surrounding areas to start saving commuting and travel costs by cycling in preparation to taking part in this year’s event and familiarising themselves with the Starley Network, a newly created 500-mile regional cycling network.

    The Starley Sportive, established by Coventry Road Club, Deeley Group and Coventry City Council, will take place on Sunday, September 4 with participants setting off from Deeley Group’s head office on Herald Avenue at 8:30am.

    Riders will cycle through locations across Coventry and Warwickshire, with parts of the Cotswolds also featuring in the route.

    All money raised will be donated to The Myton Hospices, Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice and University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire Charity.

    Ahead of the event itself, organisers will be undertaking a foodbank drive where all scheduled riders will be given the option to donate food to a local foodbank – with the aim of supporting those in need within our community during this ongoing period of economic uncertainty.

    Eleanor Deeley, joint managing director of the Deeley Group, said: “As a community-focused business, we’re well aware of the challenges that everyone in the region is facing with the riding cost of living.

    “Cycling to and from work is a great way to get regular exercise and is known to contribute to improved mental wellbeing, so we’d like to encourage people across Coventry and Warwickshire to don their helmets and start and end their working day in a positive, healthy manner.”

    “The Starley Sportive offers a great way to initially explore the wonderful network of cycle paths and cyclist-friendly roads that were set up by Mayor of the West Midlands Andy Street and Coventry City Council back in 2020.”

    Ian Court, general secretary of Coventry Road Club, added: “Coventrians are fortunate to now have a designated cycle network available to them to explore, navigate and conquer, and preparing for the Starley Sportive is a great way to get into the swing of things.

    “A new motor-free cycleway in Coundon is nearing completion, with Binley also set for a new cycling zone. Whether it’s work or leisure, rain or shine, it’s a really great time to be out on your bike in the city – all while saving money and doing your bit for the environment!”

    The sportive and the cycling network are named in honour of James Starley, known as the father of the bicycle industry and John Kemp Starley, widely considered the inventor of the modern bicycle. Both worked and lived in Coventry.

    To book a spot and find out more about the 2022 Starley Sportive, visit

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  • Deeley Homes given the green light for fifteen new brownfield homes in Leamington

    A brown-field development of fifteen new homes in Leamington has been given the green light by Warwick District Council.

    This will be the final phase of the regeneration of the old Sydenham Industrial Estate, following Deeley Homes’ £29 million conversion of the former Soans’ motor dealership site into an initial 147 homes in 2018.

    The 11,901 sq ft development, which will be accessed by Ramsey Road, will be a mix of one bedroom and two-bedroom for social rent and shared ownership with two- and three-bedroom market sale homes.

    40% of the properties at the site will be affordable homes, with work set to begin in late summer and completion expected to be in early 2023.

    The developers will be making contributions to improve sustainable travel measures, local green spaces and sports centre improvements in the local area.

    Eleanor Deeley, Joint Managing Director of Deeley Group, said: “With the lack of supply a real concern for prospective homeowners across the country, we’re delighted to bring another round of homes to the market, including six affordable properties.”

    “With people’s finances stretched to the limit due to a combination of factors, affordable housing is incredibly important – for first-time buyers, small families and those looking to downsize alike. As such, we’re pleased to once again be bringing new homes to Leamington.”

    “It was important to us to reaffirm the commitment we first made to the local area in 2018 as part of our regeneration of the old Sydenham Industrial Estate, and we will be making improvements to key local infrastructure once again, as the fifteen new homes are brought to fruition.

    “This sought-after location has excellent travel links to nearby towns and cities, as well as a range of desirable amenities and schooling options. We’re really looking forward to getting the build started and then showcasing the homes to interested parties upon completion.”

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  • Deeley Construction wins BSG Health & Safety Award 2022

    A leading Midlands-based construction and property development company has won a major health and safety award.

    Deeley Construction has been named Midlands Member of the Year by The Building Safety Group, the UK’s largest construction safety group.

    The award was given to the firm, which has been operating in the Midlands region for over 85 years, at the 2022 BSG Health and Safety Awards at the Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings in Bromsgrove.

    Keith Galletly, Health and Safety Manager at Deeley Construction, said: “We are delighted to be recognised as the BSG Member of the Year.

    “As a business that has been in operation for nine decades, it is of the utmost importance that we continue to remain responsible, putting in the work day in, day out to ensure the highest health and safety standards are set across the business, from our offices in the heart of Coventry to our developments and projects all over the region.

    “I would like to congratulate every member of the Deeley team who has worked diligently to contribute to this renowned health and safety award achievement.”

    BSG Managing Director, Stephen Bell said: “The BSG Awards ceremony was once again a national celebration of our members’ dedicated commitment to health and safety in construction.

    “Recognised award winners such as Deeley Construction should be immensely proud of their achievements and highly commended for their admirable approach to reducing risk in the workplace.

    “It is BSG Members like Deeley who make a significant contribution to raising the bar when it comes to health and safety standards across the sector, and we offer them our congratulations.”

    The full list of winners, highly commended and shortlisted companies can be viewed here.

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