Silver Hill, Peterborough

Procured via a two-stage tender process from the Homes England DPS, this is Deeley Construction’s first development with Anchor but continues our experience of delivering in the healthcare sector.

The works comprise the design and construction of 80 assisted living apartments (32Nr one bed and 48Nr two bed) including communal spaces such as lounge, bistro, health and wellness suites, guest accommodation and staff rooms; together with car parking, services and landscaping and all associated other site works.

Delivered via the Homes England framework, Deeley tendered the scheme under a two-stage procurement process;

  • Stage One – we were required to provide costs to take the scheme through the Stage 2 / PCSA (Pre-Contract Services Agreement) period. This includes fees for design development, discharge of planning conditions and any surveys that have not been undertaken to date.
  • Stage Two – the PCSA stage whereby we undertook the development of the design and market testing of the packages to provide Anchor with a firm cost.

This procurement method is beneficial as it offers a true partnership approach. Deeley are always upfront with the costs and timescales that can can be achieved and bring a number of key benefits to our client:

  • Transparency – we offer three quotes per package to show Anchor are getting market tested value.
  • Buildability – taking over the design from RIBA Stage 2, our preferred design team of Quattro and Couch were able to provide solutions and develop the design.
  • Regulations – support the client ensuring their new building will meet new Building Regulation and Fire Strategy standards.

Low Carbon Aspirations

Initially when approached by Anchor they had advised that their design specification is a Net Zero Carbon (NZC) standard. However, the scheme had been developed to a significant extent during the initial planning application and upon review we were not going to achieve NZC within the timescale and budget required.

We therefore engaged our energy consultants, Focus Consulting, the client and the design team to create a solution for meeting the Anchor’s specification and stringent EPC requirements with a significant reduced cost.

Our proposed structure and fabric solution will be above Building Regulations in terms of U-values and air tightness. The M&E systems will comprise of an underfloor heating system, with hot water distributed via an ambient loop system and boosted by an air source heat pump and hot water cylinder.

This hybrid solution goes above building regulations and will provide Anchor with a highly sustainable facility.

Fire Strategy

Despite the building not falling under the requirements of the Building Safety Act, a Fire Consultant was brought on board to work with us during the Stage Two tender.

We made significant changes from the original architects plans, noting that there were no stairs to the front of the building, they were all situated at the rear meaning escape root distances were extended, we needed to design fire fighting shafts for emergency services.

£19.6 million
Contract Value

JCT Design & Build 2016

March 2024 - November 2025

Anchor Hanover

Quattro Design Architects

Couch Consulting Engineers
Structural Engineer