Ernesford Grange School & Riverbank Academy Expansion Phase I & II, Binley

The project oversees the expansion of the Riverbank Academy, a Special Education Needs School and Ernesford Grange, a Mainstream Secondary School, to meet the needs of modern day pupils through high quality indoor and outdoor facilities.

Works in phase 1 are consisted of: the reconfiguration of the existing vehicular access routes for both schools with additional car parking, reconfiguration of the minibus area, expansion of Riverbank Academy with the addition of a single-storey teaching block, and replacement of MUGA within the school grounds. Phase 2 refers to the three storey expansion of Ernesford Grange.

The new build is comprised of a steel frame cladded with a series of windows and a rendered finish. A deck insulation completes the partly cladded composite roof. The building offers three new classrooms, a play area and an IT room.

By making use of the space that has already been developed on, the areas on-site in the Green Belt and the neighbouring residential units are protected.

Following on from our successful delivery of Phase I where new teaching space was provided at Riverbank Academy, we were appointed to deliver additional teaching blocks at Ernesford Grange.

The delivery of this new teaching space immediately allows expansion for 500 new school placements. We built an excellent working relationship with the Riverbank Academy and now we have continued the relationship with the Ernesford Secondary School element.

The steel frame structure comprises of a three storey block which features classrooms, breakout rooms, gym and small conference rooms. In addition to this the two storey structure showcases a lecture theatre auditorium, with retractable seating.

We have managed the network infrastructure of the building to ensure all data going into the conference rooms will ‘future proof’ the building for additional digital teacher interactive whiteboards and AV.

The structure links to the existing academy build with links across all three storeys. All M&E for the extension is fed through each existing floor which required our M&E co-ordinator input. Our preferred sub-contractors were responsible for the commissioning of the BMS at end of scheme as well as training of the Academy personnel so they could maximise the energy efficiency of the new building.

Phase 1

Phase 2

£8.1 million
Contract Value

Coventry City Council

Lucas Architects

January 2021 - August 2021
Phase I Timeframe

September 2021 - August 2022
Phase II Timeframe

BWB Consulting
Phase I Structural Engineer

Couch Consulting
Phase II Structural Engineer