Stratford Road, Honeybourne

Coming Soon!

We are proposing a collection of stylish new homes on the Stratford Road in Honeybourne, the sought-after Worcestershire village. Up to 40 new stylish homes will be designed in keeping with surrounding properties. The homes will have a high-quality specification surrounded by countryside views.

The site is located within the eastern outskirts of the village of Honeybourne and encompasses an area of approximately 1.8 hectares. The site is bound by Stratford Road to the northwest, railway line to the northeast, agricultural land to the southeast and Mickleton Road to the southwest. The Site comprises a grassland field which was historically managed by grazing.

The indicative masterplan for the development has been produced with a landscape-led approach, with the main aim being to uphold the semi-rural nature of Stratford Road by maintaining the existing hedge where possible. The development will provide a mix of dwelling types and sizes with policy compliant parking provision in response to the Council’s adopted Local Plan. The development will also include a 40% provision of affordable housing to contribute towards the need in Honeybourne and the District as a whole. We also have the intention of delivering bungalows on the site to assist with meeting the needs of the growing older population.

A traffic Survey was undertaken on Stratford Road and Mickleton Road, adjacent to the site. Based on the results, site access is proposed to be off Stratford Road, approximately 50 metres west of the railway bridge. A footpath will be provided through the site which connects to the village.