Alma Building, Coventry University

This refurbishment to Coventry University’s main professional services building, provided updated facilities for the IT Department

The project comprised the remodelling & refurbishment of the 1st floor, including associated mechanical and electrical services. This project was complex due to the fact that the building remained occupied through the duration of the refurbishment.

Through stringent logistical planning, we ensured that access was maintained allowing University operations to continue internally. Occupants of the building, which included the Universities own Estates team, were given daily updates and a traffic light system was put in place notifying occupants when noisy works were planned.
Access to the project was restricted with a shared car park and nursery located adjacent to our delivery area.

We also ensured deliveries avoided peak hours for drop-off and collect at the Nursery which we shared our car park with.
We lifted material deliveries directly onto site via our scaffolding bay which minimised our footprint in the car park, which as noted was limited for space.

A Public ‘through-fare’ crossed the main entrance to our site, therefore we ensured that we displayed signage detailing our works in the area and guiding the general public away from our site.

Contract Value

Coventry University

The Elliot Partnership
Project Manager

August 2016 - December 2016