Advanced Emissions Test Centre, HORIBA-MIRA

A complex facility constructed in a live environment for HORIBA-MIRA and its Group companies, further expanding its expertise in the automotive research sector.

Won under a competitive tender, Deeley Construction carried out the construction of this complex
facility adjacent to the headquarters of HORIBA-MIRA.

The project site was surrounded by access roads to adjacent occupied units therefore daily updates were provided to the HORIBA-MIRA project team informing them of any potential works affecting existing tenants.

The works involved the partial demolition of the existing test facility, whilst maintaining some operational functionality. The new extension consisted of a steel frame structure with external cladding.

The new test centre, consisted of one main test cell, where a 4WD dynamometer is located, as well as three individual climatic soak rooms and an ambient soak room.

The combination of the 4WD dynamometer, range of climatic conditions and state-of-the art HORIBA emissions systems allows the determination of exhaust pollutants over a range of climatic conditions, from temperatures of -20°C to 35°C.

The installation of the dynamometer required a complex ground floor slab & pit of varying levels. Due to the exact dimensions required for this bespoke piece of equipment, we provided a full time site engineer to assist with its construction.

Additionally, the complex M&E systems in the building were installed by numerous subcontractors from the HORIBA-MIRA group, all of whom were under management of Deeley Construction.

We noted that all European subcontractors were required to work to UK HSE guidelines, and we therefore arranged for them to undertake a Health & Safety Awareness Training Course to ensure their competence on site.

12,000 sq. ft
Scale & Scope

MIRA Land Ltd

Principal Designer

May 2016 - February 2017

Ridge & Partners
Structural Engineer