Partnerships at the heart of Deeley Group’s future

Martin Gallagher, managing director at Deeley Construction, has been with the business for more than 34 years.

In our latest blog he highlights how partnerships have been a key value of the business he joined as an apprentice, and how it continues to be essential as the company continues to grow.

Partnerships are at the heart of everything we do at the Deeley Group, from partnerships with our sub-contractors and staff, to partnerships with our clients and stakeholders.

For more than eight decades the business has been committed to cultivating strong relationships and that has resulted in the sustained growth of the company.

We’ve never been in construction for quick wins and if you look back through our development history you can see that we have time and time again gone back to work with the same clients, be that Horiba MIRA in the Midlands, University of Warwick, Deeley Freed in Bristol or more recently with Housing 21.

The partnership we have built with Housing 21 continues to be one we are very proud of. We are now onto our third development with them and we are working together to create high-quality Extra Care facilities that we can all be very proud of.

Our recent development with Housing 21 in Didcot proved the benefits of working together in partnership, with the development delivered ahead of schedule.

That was made possible again by our strong relationships with the sub-contractors and supply chain.

The people and companies we work with know they can trust us, and they know we will pay on time, and that trust delivers results.

Last year saw us continue to build our partnership with Exemplar Health Care too, which has resulted so far in two developments and potentially further work in the pipeline.

It is safe to say that we can point to the strong partnerships we have with the likes of Kingsley, Exemplar and Housing 21 as reasons for our growing portfolio of work in the healthcare sector.

We are also proud of our partnerships in the retail sector which continue to provide a stream of developments, particularly with the likes of LondonMetric, which dates back to our work at Airport Retail Park, Coventry, in 2012, Sofology in Birmingham in 2021 and a new development set to be announced in 2023.

As a business we have proven time and time again that we can deliver for our clients and that leads to long-term and fruitful relationships.

However, when it comes to partnerships, we place as much importance on partnering with communities as with suppliers and clients.

We are committed to the communities that we work in and will always seek to leave a positive footprint wherever we work. In 2022 we completed our fourth development in Wyken, Coventry, continuing a near 70-year commitment to the area.

Meanwhile over in Nuneaton we continue to work with Bermuda Phoenix Centre to better the lives of the people that live in the area – 10 years after we completed work on the centre.

Creating better communities is an area we have always excelled in and we believe it is important that developers always consider the lasting impact they have on a community.

As we move into a new era at the Deeley Group, our values remain the same and partnerships will always be a key Deeley family value.