Deeley Group takes another step forward on path to net zero

Deeley Group has taken another step towards its target of being a net zero carbon company by 2036 as it significantly reduced its carbon emissions for another year.

The company has reduced its CO2 emissions by 17 per cent for the last reporting period.

The reporting period ran from May 2022 to April 2023 during which the total output of CO2 under Scope 1 and 2 across the business was 402 tonnes, which equates to 9.68 tonnes produced per £1 million spent by the business.

This is down from 10.51 tonnes produced per £1 million for 2021-22.

Two years ago, Deeley Group set a target of being net zero by 2036 and has been implementing changes across the business as it works toward that goal.

Deeley Group has a five-year plan in place to support a consistent year-on-year reduction in carbon emissions.

The last year has seen investment in infrastructure, including the installation of LED lighting at its headquarters at George House, and the doubling of the amount of electric vehicle charging points installed at the office.

The company is currently installing a significant array of photovoltaic panels on the roof of its headquarters to provide a renewable energy source for the office.

The business has reduced the use of its motor fuel to the equivalent of 17 tonnes of CO2, with 29,000 miles being driven in electric vehicles and reducing the overall mileage in the business by more than 20,000 miles.

Deeley Group’s homes team has put a lot of research into building homes to the Future Homes Standard, which is a commitment that new homes will produce 75 per cent to 80 per cent less carbon emissions. It has reviewed green features of the homes and buildings it builds, for example the inclusion of ground source or air source heat pumps.

The business is also working with its clients and partners to reduce waste and emissions throughout its supply chain, and will support this by implementing lean construction processes on site to further streamline processes.

Whilst the company continues to work towards net zero, it is also utilising carbon offset measures and bio-diversity net gain credits on its residential developments to strive towards carbon neutrality.

Eleanor Deeley, Joint Managing Director of the Deeley Group, said: “Across all industries it is vital that we act now to protect the future of the planet and we are committed to driving down carbon emissions at all levels of our business.

“Our primary target has been reducing the emissions from our business and those produced directly by Deeley Group, but it’s equally important that we work closely with our clients and partners on their own green policies too.

“While we are pleased with the consistent progress we are making, we know there is much more to be done and we will continue to make investments and implement new practices in order to reach our target of being net zero by 2036.”