The Willows, Asfordby

This exciting development has been born from a partnership between Deeley Homes and east midlands housing.

Deeley Homes completed the outright purchase of the site on the open market and brought east midlands housing (EMH) to the scheme to deliver a mix of affordable and private homes to the area.

Deeley Homes provided 15 no. homes for sale, in partnership with EMH, which included shared ownership and rented accommodation to meet the need of those on the housing register.

The initial intention was for Deeley Homes to sell 15 of the homes on the market, but given the high demand for affordable properties the 15 private units were subsequently sold to EMH to deliver a fully affordable scheme.

Some of the properties were designed with extra accessible features for disabled people, these included wider doors and lower kitchen units for ease of use.

Deeley Homes contributed to local infrastructure, and on top of delivering a fully affordable scheme, over £200,000 was contributed in section 106 to various projects within the local community.

£9.7 million

January 2021 - February 2023

EMH and Deeley Homes

Structural Engineer


JCT Design & Build 2016