King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon

A new build of a teaching block & library in a very close proximity to a live school environment

Deeley Construction won the competitive tender to build this 8,000 sq.ft. three-storey teaching block. The school required a new facility to replace a modular cabin unit that was being utilised as a temporary library.

The building consisted of a steel frame with the roof being a single ply membrane construction. The unique aspect however was that the canopy overhang required bespoke carpentry to match the features of the adjacent science building.

The project also involved the refurbishment of three rooms within another campus building. We converted two teaching rooms and a IT Server room into science teaching labs, including gas supplies. This work was carried out over the summer holidays to minimise disruption to the school.

To feed into the new building we undertook trench works to join the gas supply to the existing mains, but noted that they were in a poor state and therefore carried out additional gas mains alterations to replace these.

Due to the close proximity of the site, between the school and the existing modular library, we gave numerous Health & Safety talks and displayed posters featuring the ongoing work.

Additionally, our school engagement included a safety poster competition in line with our ACT on Safety initiative and a site visit by pupils interested in joining the construction industry.

£1.5 million
Contract Value

February 2017 - October 2017

JCT Intermediate Form 2011

King Edward VI School

David Symonds Associates
Structural Engineer

Rush Davis Architects