A new look, the same values

For more than 85 years, our company values have been the foundations of everything we have achieved as a business.

Over the last 20 years the colours of red and blue have become synonymous with the Deeley Group, but from this week our new green brand will be visible at our head office, across our sites and on our vehicles all across the Midlands.

While this is a new look for the business, it is underpinned by those ever-important values of community, integrity, agility, respect and partnership.

It’s important to us that we communicate to our staff, clients and the wider industry what we are all about.

We are innovative, flexible and we wanted our new brand to reflect and communicate the values of the modern business – for example, we were one of the first businesses in the sector to go carbon neutral* and we set an ambitious target of becoming net zero by 2036.

As we all face economic headwinds, the Deeley approach and our values of partnership, integrity, agility are more important now than ever before.

Internally at the Deeley Group, we always speak about ‘The Deeley Way’, a way of working which has been ingrained in the culture of our company since its foundation. It’s all about the right way of doing things, taking responsibility and delivering best in class performance for our clients.

We’re proud of the people we have here at Deeley and their contributions to the sustainability of our business – and we reflect our commitment to staff with the continued development of skills and qualifications. Our teams, at all levels of the business, are committed to acting and reacting daily to make customer focused decisions that deliver sustainable growth and support our partnerships.

The Deeley Way extends to our continued work in lean construction principles and ensuring our developments support communities, protect the natural environment, improve lives and, ultimately, generate economic benefit for the regions we work in.

Our work in the care, healthcare and extra care sector will be key areas for the business moving forward and continue to be fast growth sectors for us – and we will look to maintain this growth through building partnerships.

The residential development division of our business is also set to expand and, under our new brand, we are looking forward to bring through more development in the coming years, as we continue to work through planning on a number of sites.

And the commercial sector continues to be strong for us, with a range of projects coming through across the Midlands and neighbouring regions.

It is set to be a major year for the Deeley Group, but we are very aware of the external economic pressures that will bring their own challenges.

Despite these pressures, we are forecasting significant growth for the business next year, with the growth being driven by our enhanced reputation in the healthcare sector.

This is an exciting time for all of us at the Deeley Group and while the new brand brings a fresh look, our core values still underpin everything that we do.

We look forward to a future founded on our valued heritage.

Eleanor Deeley, joint managing director

* Deeley Group offset its Scope 1 & 2 emissions for the reporting period 2020-2021