Bloor Homes Regional Offices Wheatpieces, Tewkesbury

The development is the 6th BREEAM commercial development to be delivered within as many years.

Using the internal expertise of our design & build team and external energy consultants we deliver low-carbon emitting facilities to help our clients reach their net zero carbon targets.

This 18,000 sq. ft. facility based in Wheatpieces is a new Regional Headquarters for national housebuilder, Bloor Homes.

The scheme, won under competitive tender, is a two-storey office development with associated parking, landscaping and new access.

The new facility replaces an existing office in the area and is adjacent to a recently completed development Bloor Homes have completed. The structure consists of a steel frame with SFS supporting cladding carrier panel – red brickwork and slate roofing finish the external façade. Working collaboratively with Bloor Homes and Stoas Architects we have ensured that the building was built to the specification listed despite increased material costs in a highly volatile market.

The plans include planting a belt of trees to the southern boundary and there are 66 car parking spaces to the southern and eastern part of the site, with a grasscrete overspill area for a further 20 vehicles.

The project is registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme – we await our first visit on Thursday 28th April 2022.

“It’s important to us that we continue to contribute to the local economy and its economic wellbeing – and building our new regional office in the Tewkesbury Borough allows us to do just that.

“Many of our office-based staff are local residents and through our other activities in the area we in-directly support a large number of jobs in the local construction sector and associated supply chain.

“The location of our new office will allow more employees to find alternative methods of travel due to the reduced commute distance and flexible-working means that arrivals and departure times for staff are staggered, subsequently reducing the amount of peak-time traffic.”

Steve Roberts, Regional Managing Director at Bloor Homes