Greenacre Park, Leicester

This new development for our client Exemplar Healthcare, comprised of a refurbishment and extension of a previous care home, to form a new 28 bed care home.

Exemplar worked closely with health and social care authorities in the area to bring this one-of-a-kind facility to Leicester to enable local people who have suffered an accident, or are living with complex needs, to receive the specialist care that they need close to their homes and loved ones.

This Project is the second scheme we’ve worked on with Exemplar Healthcare and continues our mission to improve the healthcare sector.

The previous care home didn’t fit former regulations, so improvements were made to ensure it complies with all regulations for the interests of the client, ourselves and the residents.

The client wanted a care home that will support adults who need specialist nursing care and rehabilitation following a brain injury, spinal cord injury or stroke, or are living with a complex physical disability or mental health conditions, that can be cared for whilst staying close to their homes and loved ones.

A new commercial Kitchen and washing room has been created, which are both features that the previous care home didn’t have previously, which benefit both the staff and residents.

We’ve brought our buildability and agility, whilst keeping the client heavily involved, despite it being a traditional contract. By overcoming issues and letting the client know so they can rectify, ensures that the client has flexibility over decisions towards the project, to help guarantee they received the desired outcome.

£2.6 million
Contract Value

WA Consulting Engineers
Structural Engineer

Exemplar Healthcare

September 2022 - September 2023

S + SA Architects