Why Deeley?

Deeley Homes is a private, family-owned developer with an 85-year pedigree in creating perfect homes.

A Deeley home is built using quality materials and craftsmanship, backed by a team that cares for every customer – bringing you not only the home you want but also providing lasting value.

Deeley Homes – a central part of the Deeley Group – has built a reputation for select, bespoke developments that offer homeowners great locations, spacious accommodation, high-quality fixtures and fittings, and stylish design.

As well as our own developments we build homes for other companies also and in recent years have worked with a number of local and national housing providers

The Deeley Group is increasingly working on mixed-use development schemes, often as part of a wider urban regeneration agenda. Working with the other Group businesses, Deeley Homes plays a vital role in these schemes, creating a distinctive residential element within new-style urban village environments.

Your Requirements

We have successfully anticipated the changing nature of the marketplace and developed solutions that continue to meet the needs of a diverse group of stakeholders.

As with the other businesses within the Deeley Group, it is the quality of our relationships that defines our success.

The traditional values that made George Deeley successful in his early career continue to inspire the success of the Group eight decades later. We are always looking for opportunities for new developments for both ourselves and our clients.  If you are an owner of land that you feel has development potential please contact – dean.weldon@deeley.co.uk or call 02476 718 718.

To illustrate the level of quality we deliver please see some of our previous developments here: Our Developments