NMR Facility, University of Warwick Coventry

This single storey extension to existing Milburn House includes a lobby, NMR hall and plantroom. The new extension will accommodate a world-leading 1 GHz solid-state NMR system. This high-field spectrometer will serve the national research community in the physical and life sciences.

The works took place in a closely controlled environment due to its proximity to the Film & Media Studies Department.

Therefore strict controls were put in place to restrict sound including:
•restricting deliveries and not allowing any between 9am and 3pm
•all engines were turned off when stationary
•all cutting and noisy works were undertaken off site (modular units delivered) or in a dedicated cutting area.

In addition to this, the Milburn House car park in which we were working was used as a ‘cut-through’ by students to other areas of the campus. We therefore enforced a strict traffic management system and undertook a CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) logistics plan to ensure all works beyond our hoardings were undertaken in mind of passing pedestrians and cyclists.

The works were successfully tendered from the Lot 1 Capital Programme Framework on which we are a Tier 1 contractor.