Elmshurst Refurbishment Bromsgrove School

To increase their offering to students, Bromsgrove School have appointed Deeley Construction to carry out the refurbishment of their Elmshurst block

In addition to proposals to upgrade and enhance the existing board house’s envelope the interior will be substantially refurbished with the addition of en-suite bathrooms and alterations made to the communal social space.

The alterations to the landscaped car parking adds 64 spaces and extends the strategy of enhancing the schools grounds with hard and soft landscape improvements.

The main refurbishment package consists of the reconfiguration of 20 no. dorms to provide 91 no. bed spaces. The works were phased to maintain use of facility during term time. We offered the project team an alternative
programme of phasing reducing it from 6 phases to 4, ultimately saving 12 weeks on the overall project programme.

The project also involved some asbestos removal works so we therefore put measures in place to ensure all subcontractors were DBS checked and had undertaken the Asbestos Awareness Training, regardless of their trades involvement on the project.